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My name is DJ Mac. Like most older DJs (I’m about to turn 40–allow me to pause for a moment to shed a tear…), I am self-taught.

I went to high school in San Francisco in the early 90s and started going to raves during my last two years. I decided I would be a DJ 10 minutes into my first rave.

I bought my first set of turntables and a mixer as a freshman in college with money I made working 12-hour days in construction over the previous few summers. I had no idea how to use my new equipment.

In those days, we didn’t have online courses or Youtube videos and I couldn’t afford real lessons. Besides, all the DJs I knew of had taught themselves. So I did the same. I started befriending as many DJs as I could and picking their brains. I spent every free minute I had practicing my chosen craft. And I kept going to raves (for research only, of course!).

Since I was making a lot of connections, it didn’t take long to get my first gig. My first well-paying gig? Well, that’s another matter entirely. But I was happy to play for peanuts (literally; some of my gigs gave me drinks and peanuts; never mind that all customers got free peanuts, too).

Even though I wasn’t earning much (if any) money, I was gaining valuable experience and, more importantly, I was building a reputation. By my third year in college, I was playing regular gigs and supporting myself fully with DJing.

These days, I travel the world, paying my way with my DJ skills. Obviously, I make far less money doing this than I would if I stayed in one place building up a reputation, but the freedom to go where I want, when I want is more important to me. I make enough money to travel the world freely and I love my life.

This site is an attempt to help out other DJs who are starting out. I also hope to build up a reputation online as someone who knows what they are talking about and who is willing to share their knowledge with others. Eventually I plan on creating my own course and if I have a large enough following of people who trust my advice, I may be able to turn that course into another respectable source of income.

But for now, all of my advice is free. And hopefully some of it, at least, is useful…


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